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The BizApartment (Gärdet) is a hotel apartment close to the ferry harbor Frihamnen, in the north-east of the Stockholm city.
Address: Sandhamnsgatan 67
phone (+46) (0)8 578 55 300

For further information about BizApartment, see their homepage:


By Airport coaches from Arlanda to Stockholm central station

Going by bus to Stockholm takes about one hour. Tickets for the Airport coaches (Flygbussarna) can either be bought online from their website: or on board with any major credit card. Note that cash is not accepted!
  • Take the Airport Bus from Arlanda to the final stop Stockholm City (Cityterminalen), which is just next to the Stockholm Central Station.
  • Exit the bus terminal lobby at the Kungsgatan exit ( exit to the left when you get off the buss and enter the hall).
  • Continue until you come to Kungsgatan then take bus no. 1 at the bus station.

By train from Arlanda to Stockholm central station

By Arlanda Express it takes only 20 minutes but costs twice as much as the bus fare to go from Arlanda to Stockholm Central.

  • From the end of the platform, follow signs with Cityterminalen, the bus terminal.
  • Continue through the bus terminal lobby and go to the Kungsgatan exit (to your left when you enter the hall from the airport coaches).
  • Continue until you get to Kungsgatan, then take bus no. 1 at the bus station.

By bus from Stockholm Central Station and Cityterminalen to BizApartment

  • On Kungsgatan, take bus no.1 (usually blue) in the direction "Frihamnen" (bus stops are on the side of the street closest to the Cityterminalen bus terminal).
  • You have to get a ticket before you enter the bus; in an emergency, bus tickets can be bought using text messages on your mobile (ask the driver for help).
  • Get off the bus at Sehlstedsgatan station. It's just two stops from the end station, so it is only a 500 m extra walk if you forget to get off in time.
  • From the bus stop, walk 50 m between the buildings to the entrance of BizApartment Hotel. The front desk is open 24 hours a day.

Other ways to go by bus or subway to BizApartment

Closest subway stations to BizApartment are Karlaplan and Gärdet, both on the Red line, on the branch with end station Ropsten. On days with good weather, you can walk the 600-800 m to BizApartment over the open field Gärdet (literally "the field" in Swedish).

bus no. 1 has a bus station close to the exits of both subway stations. Buses come every 5-6 minutes during working hours on weekdays, every 7-8 minutes during the day on weekends. The last bus arrives at BizApartments around 1 AM on weekdays and Sundays, and at midnight on Saturdays.

bus no. 72 is the other available rout which passes the Karlaplan subway station and goes to the same bus stop on Sehlstedtsgatan as bus no.1. This is the last-but-one stop on the line for bus 72, the end stop being Östhammarsgatan just around the corner from BizApartment.

bus no. 76, coming from the Old Town and going to Ropsten subway station, has a stop at Lindarängsvägen, on the other side of the block where BizApartment is. This line runs between 6 AM and 10 PM on weekdays, and 9 AM and 5.30 PM on Saturdays.

bus no. 91 goes to the Cityterminal and the Centeral Station from the bus stop Sehlstedtsgatan outside Biz Apartment (only during the night Sunday to Thursday).

By taxi from Arlanda to BizApartment

Taking a taxi from Arlanda to anywhere in central Stockholm will cost approximately 450-500 SEK. Make sure to ask for the fixed Arlanda-Stockholm price! Taxis accept all major credit cards. The address of the BizApartment apartment hotel is Sandhamnsgatan 67.

Some taxi companies are:

  • Stockholm Transfer (+46) (0)20-350000
  • Taxi Stockholm: (+46) (0)8-150000
  • Taxi 020: (+46) (0)20-202020
  • Taxi Kurir: (+46) (0)8-300000.


By bus or subway from BizApartment to Nordita

Option 1:

  • Take bus no. 72 from just outside BizApartment in the direction Karlbergs station. After rounding the field Gärdet, the bus will follow the main street Valhallavägen for quite some time. Get off at bus stop Odengatan, immediately after the bus turns left into Odengatan.
  • Then cross the street and take bus no.61 to the end stop Ruddammen.

Option 2:

  • Take bus no. 1 from BizApartments to bus stop Värtavägen.
  • From the same stop, take bus no. 4 to bus stop Odengatan (first station after the bus turns left into Odengatan).
  • Then cross the street and take bus no. 61 to the end stop Ruddammen.

Option 3:

  • Take bus no. 1 from BizApartments to bus stop Gärdet (or just walk 10 minutes across the grassy field).
  • Next to the bus stop is the entrance to the subway station Gärdet, with a blue "T" sign. Take any train in the direction T-Centralen and get off at Östermalmstorg station (two stops).
  • Walk across the platform and take a train going in the opposite direction to Mörby Centrum.
  • Get off at station Tekniska högskolan (two stops) and take the exit Körsbärsvägen, keep go straight when you come out.
  • The bus stop is just on the right side of the street at the beginning of Körsbärsvägen . Take the bus no. 61 to the end stop Ruddammen.

Instead of taking bus 61 , you can walk to Nordita in about 10-15 min (see the directions on the map below).

  • From the bus station Odengatan, go back 20m to Valhallavägen, cross Odengatan and then Valhallavägen, to a small park on the opposite corner of the street crossing. From the subway station Tekniska högskolan, exit Körsbärsvägen, take the right-hand staircase after the ticket booths, walk 50 m and cross the street Körsbärsvägen to get to the small park.
  • In either case, now follow Valhallavägen around the park and continue slightly downhill until you reach a hot-dog stand Tullfritt, at the bottom of a steep street Roslagstullsbacken. Nordita is at the top of that street, across the roundabout.

By taxi from BizApartment to Nordita

Taking a taxi will cost approximately 150 SEK. Taking a taxi anywhere within central Stockholm will cost approximately 150 SEK. Taxis accept all major credit cards. The address of Nordita is Roslagstullsbacken 23.

Some taxi companies are:

  • Stockholm Transfer (+46) (0)20-350000
  • Taxi Stockholm: (+46) (0)8-150000
  • Taxi 020: (+46) (0)20-202020
  • TaxiKurir: (+46) (0)8-300000.


Some airlines fly to Skavsta airport in Nyköping, southwest of Stockholm.

  • Take Airport Coaches (Flygbussarna) to the City Terminal, and just follow the same instructions above for bus travel from Stockholm Central Station and Cityterminalen to BizApartment.


Nordita is situated in three buildings on the AlbaNova campus. The Nordita East building, Roslagstullsbacken 23, is a small yellow building, just to the right of the entrance to the white main building of AlbaNova, and the Nordita West building, Roslagstullsbacken 17, and Nordita South building, Roslagstullsbacken 11, are to the left. If you have received no further instructions you should go to the Nordita East building, press the door bell and ask for Anastasios Mentesidis or Elizabeth Yang.


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